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Your fans or how to save the most important information about your soul mate.

  During chatting you will always find a man with whom you will want to chat more and more. You will find out a bulk of new personal information about him: his mindset, his biography, what he likes, hobbies, children, positive or tragic moments of his life. But what to do if it is not yet a love and there are several men you want to chat with. How to invite them to a chat? How to save the most important information about them?
It is very easy with ChatOS!

We offer you two options:

An automatic identification of fans

Indicate three simple criteria for a search of men in your statistics and the system will automatically help you to chat with your favourites:
  1. The average time of chat – you can specifyaveragetime duration of your chats with men that you can calculate due to the formula of average number. If the duration of all chats is important for you, thus this parameter is for you but if you do not need it, just clear a tick box.
  2. The duration of the 1st chat. The maximum duration of any chat with a man is in minutes. This parameter can become particularly useful within the first chat. If a chat lasts pretty long, maybe you have found a common language and he must be added to the admirers list by the system, or mustn’t he? But if it is not important, just turn off this parameter by clearing a tick box.
  3. The number of chats. The total number of chats. The total number of chats spent with a man. Of course, you may not know a man good enough, thus set a number of chats what you want to spend with a man to get him a chance to become your admirer, but if it is not so – just clear the tick box.
To check the accuracy of your settings just click on “Test”. After that you will see a list of men what can add by themselves to your list of admirers. Adjust the settings and check them with a help of this functional. After you finish, just click on the button “Save settings” and those men will be automatically added to the list of your admirers. This is one of the most difficult tools of this system; we offer you the second variant of adding a man to the list of admirers.

Adding fans manually

To add a man manually to the list of fans, one just needs to do two clicks on:
  1. Click on the profile picture of a man in the right panel over your contacts.
  2. Submit that you really want to add this man to a list of admirers.
That’s it. After that the man will be added to the list of fans.

What is the issue of it?

When the list of fans is assembled, you will meet with an extra set of tools for an interaction with them: 1. There is an added list of your admirers on the panel of your contacts:

There is an added list of your fans on the panel of your contacts: You can switch over between men from the list of fans to invite them to the chat, you can also send to your fans an invitation to the chat with a help of drafts within one click on (an article “Drafts”). 2. Over the section of chat you can see a short statistics of your communication or a text with notes about a man:

As you can see, the short statistics over the text box shows “For how long have you been chatting, how many chats you have had and when the last time it has been. And your notes are in the text box. To leave a note about a man, you have to type his name in the text box after that it will be saved automatically. 3. Your notes about a certain man are on his profile:

Your notes and comments are also available for you on a profile of man.


To add a man to a list of fans:
  1. Set automatic characteristics for a search of fans  in your statistics.
  2. Add fans manually.
After having assembled a list of admirers, the following will be available for you:
  1. A list of fans  together with your contact list and an option to invite him manually or with drafts to a chat
  2. During the chat:
    1. A short statistics
    2. Notes and comments what you left about a man
You can easily find your soul mate and also save and restore the most important information about them. Easy, isn’t it? We are sure that yes! Have a nice chat! Sincerely, the ChatOS team

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