22.07.2022 20:52

Dear Friends!

Important and great news. 

1. ChatOS adapted the chat extension to work on the updated Findbride 

2. The new extension is a foundation for Multi-Account. This means that soon we will open for you the opportunity to work on any number of profiles in one tab (sending, lists of recipients, statistics on ladies in the extension, chatting on any profiles with any men in one tab using Minichat) 

3. We know that on other sites you have already appreciated the pleasantly profitable Multi-account tariff model.

We are glad to announce that, with the newly published extension, the beneficial mode is also coming to Findbride.

Meet new tariffs:

Extension for chats 0.15$ (instead of the old 0.25$) for one lady profile on the day of the actual launch of the extension

Extension for letters 0.07$ (instead of the old 0.15$) for one lady profile on the day of the actual launch of the extension

New tariffs take into effect from the moment this post is published.

Dear partners!

The new Findbride chat extension can be downloaded from here 

The way of operation is still the same.

But stay tuned. Our developers are going to complete the new basic extension with already familiar features and new features for working in the Multi-account mode.

And as always, the answers to your questions are waiting for you here.

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