Distribution of access to a personal account

12.04.2017 02:54

A personal account is an office for workers of company who deal with a management of process. And of course, every participant has to see only his own data, firstly, for not getting confused and secondly, it can be many reasons. For this reason, a mechanism of access distribution for workers of your company was embedded to data. Here are three types of access:
  1. An owner of personal account – you have an access to all data. You are responsible for adjustment main mechanisms of work and track of company’s achievement in whole.
  2. Administrators, managers, office managers or in other words – a level of access when a user can manage accounts, review their data, edit and work with finances, if he received rights for it.
  3. Operators – a third level of access, it is offered for translators who help ladies to communicate. They also have an access to profiles’ activity and financial information if rights are given.
Therefore, you can define a level of influence of every worker and distribute duties within a company, than just simply control a process. Attention! A work with administrators and operators is absolutely equivalent that is why we will show how to work with administrators.


An owner of personal account has a button “Access” in the menu, clicking on it you can come over to a management of administrators or operators.


To add an administrator, you have to go to the page “List of administrators”, with a help of menu “Access” -> “List of administrators” and click on a button “Add an administrator”. After it you will come to a page of adding an administrator. Attention! Processes of administrators editing and adding are identical, thus we will see only adding! 4 steps have to be performed on the page:
  1. Specify data for administrator’s authorization.
  2. Specify personal data about an administrator.
  3. Specify a list of accounts with what an administrator can work.
  4. Specify rights of administrator’s access.
Let’s start with the first two: Adding of a new administrator if agency:
Then you have to specify a list of accounts an administrator will work with. If you have many accounts, you can use a search filters. To highlight an account just click on a line in a table or on a tick. You can also highlight all displayed accounts or clear highlighting with a help of a tick in a head of table (There is an ID of account left from a text line). Depending on a tick mode, accounts will be highlighted or highlighting will be taken out). Also for your convenience, after a table left it is shown a total number of highlighted accounts and right it is an extra filter what enables to review only highlighted accounts. An important issue! In a mode of reviewing of administrators’ accounts, filters of accounts’ ID, a Girl’s name, a Site, a Type of extension are also active and they will show only those accounts that correspond to highlighted filtration characteristics.
The last step – administrator’s rights assigning:
Specify an administrator’s access rights:
  1. 1. A setting of formulae of rewards calculation – can an administrator specify or review settings of financial rewards of your accounts or not?
  2. 3. An access to a report about financial achievements – can an administrator review summary data about company’s financial achievements concerning highlighted accounts for him or not?
  3. 4. An access to graphics about financial achievements –possibility of financial achievements review in a form of graphics about accounts what were highlighted for management.
Thus, you can see if an administrator has an access to financial information and if yes to what exactly. You can come to two ways with administrator’s activity:
  1. An analysis and maintenance of account’s activities; an analysis of activity, a data analysis about account’s work.
  2. An analysis of financial account’s indicators.
As you are a head you know better how to correctly distribute rights and duties.

Список администраторов

You can see personal information about each administrator in your list of administrators. You can see last an administrator’s activity and also a number of administrators. . If you are intere4sted in a list of accounts what an administrator manages you can browse to an editing and as it was above mentioned to see a list of specified accounts for an administrator.
Have a good work.

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