11.04.2017 15:43

We present you a tool to set up work with financial data for Charmdate.com.

Setting the synchronization of financial data you can get access to the organization of work with financial data with the help of ChatOS project. To do this, you need to perform several actions:

  1. Download the extension for the Charmdate.com administrative panel
  2. On the page of Charmdate.com administrative panel for your agency run the ChatOS extensions

Now you have to do 3 steps for easy organization of work with financial data. On the administrative page of Charmdate.com for your agency, run the ChatOS extensions for the administrative panel of the Charmdate.com.

Download the extension for the Charmdate.com administrative panel from ChatOS


Fill in your login and password to enter the Personal account on the ChatOS website. If you have already been authorized in the Personal account, then the system will automatically fill in your data and proceed to the next step.

Specify the employee under whom the financial data will be collected for the agency on whose page you are located and enter his password for the account on Сharmdate.com. website


You no longer need to add girls accounts manually, we will do it to your Personal Account for you automatically. You just need to click on the “To import girls” button in the extension for the administration panel charmdate.com and all your profiles will be automatically registered in the personal account of ChatOS.

After completing these steps, you activate the agency financial data collection into your Personal Account, and also register all the girls what will allow you to obtain detailed information about their activities, as well as the finances of your agency.

Have a nice work!

Sincerely, ChatOS team!

Download the extension for the Charmdate.com administrative panel

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