Is there a difference in tools when testing the extension and its regular use?

20.03.2020 20:51

It is a well-known fact that all ChatOS extensions can be tested for free for 3 days for any Lady’s account.

And here the Users have questions:

– Is it necessary to add a Lady’s account  to the personal account (PA) of the agency for testing?

– Is the extension functionality different for the Lady’s account added and not added to the PA?

– Can I try all the tools on these test days?

Here is an explanation of “WHY” for two possible cases in the work of agencies and Lady’s account:


If the agency already has ChatOS PA  with Ladies accounts, then testing the extension on a new Lady’s account without adding it to the profile, this means losing the ability to use such useful tools as:

– White list (sending messages to Men who communicated with Ladies of all your agency, but have never talked with this Lady. That is, very precious Men who actively communicate on the site)

– Global blacklist (Men with whom it is important to avoid communication for all Ladies of the agency)

– Block list (protective functional for the agency against accidental and intentional sending of stop words, links, domains …)

– Bookmarked of Agency (Male Bookmarks of all Agency Ladies)

– Search for new ones (searching new Men, excluding Men from the white list)

– Well, it’s clear that you won’t see the effectiveness of work during the test days without reference to the personal account.


If you (in this case, the Translator (Operator), and the entire Agency) are just starting to work, and there are no Ladies accounts in your PA, and maybe you have no PA at all, then

during the testing extension for Ladies (which work separately, without the PA) they will “collect” their lists of men desirable and unwanted for communication.

And when, after testing, the Agency (or the Translator) creates the PA, and these separately working Ladies accounts are added, then the three-day useful general information for the agency will be lost.

Of course, in the extensions the Lady will have their data on statistics, history, a personal black list, fans … But all the Men with whom the Ladies spoke will not be included in the general white list of the agency, for example … and the global black list will be empty (and to protect themselves from the unwanted attention of “bad” men who proved themselves to be such for three test days, the whole agency will fail)

And here is the question. Why do you need to lose this important information?

– more useful tools

– more results

– more useful data for your work

Productive work to you! 💚

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