02.03.2024 11:41

We are glad to present to you a new extension – Multi-account 2in1 Chats + Mails for AMALDATE.COM:

• Sending and communication on any number of profiles in one tab

• Chats + mails – 2 functionalities in one program

• Setting up sending in a few clicks

• Smart messaging system – converts every sign of attention to the profile into a real interlocutor

• Agency autopilot – sending out top invitations for better conversion into interlocutors

• Minichat and Minimail – comfortable and easy communication

• Communication help – auto-translator, comments, profile information…

• Sending lists of prospective audiences of recipients

• Activity on the profile on several devices simultaneously

• Modified Let’s Mingle – non-stop sending throughout the entire online period. Different invitations for greater interest and response to the profile without manual restarts

• Guaranteed activity of the profile on the site even without regular operator actions

• Sending photos, audio and other new and useful features

• 3 days free trial period

Download the new Multi-Account extension here and enjoy the flow of communication.

We are happy to meet you with questions and ideas in our support chat.

Have an easy and generous online experience with ChatOS!

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