Expert advice. Three whales for dating business.

19.03.2019 12:00

Our expert is Ksenia Droben, director of the international dating agency Ksenia Droben Partnervermittlung Germany. She is the author of the articles, professional blogger, the author of the teach yourself book “How to marry a foreigner”, the author and coach of the “School of Brides” course and various training seminars for foreign men.

3 pieces of advice to get success. What is the most important in the business if to be aimed on long-term activite.

As for me the first thing is that whatever is going on must be interesting for me and for my employees. I believe that job is for bringing joy. Therefore, you need to organize your working time, the team so that you do what you like together with people you like. If you have joy about what you do, and around you are people you love it’s a key to success. Joy is the main thing. If they feel that a lady or man is a conflict one, it is better not to work with them, because our work should bring joy to all.

The second point is you can not think about money. As soon as you look at the gentleman and start thinking about money, that is how much money I will make on you, it affects the overall atmosphere. It is at this moment he begins to pay less.I do not think about money, but think about how I can help you. You do not have to be like a salesman, but more as a consultant. A consultant’s psychology.

The third is another important things.On the one hand, you are doing an easy work, but in fact it is a huge amount of information: legal foundations, linguistics, intercultural communication between different mentalities. And at the same time, you can get some extra issues. You can go wherever you want. For example, last week I attended a meeting of German lawyers. Being among them was really awesome despite of their seriousness and my misunderstanding half of their talking. That was really useful experience for me. The advantage of our profession is that we can attend any event, conference, so on and take something useful out to implement in our so easy work. Unlimited opportunity for self-development.

Time back when no one talked about psychologists, communicative qualities, etc. , I told brides “be easier.” Praise him for putting cloth up on a shelf. Tell him it’s magical. He left away, put it as it should be, but praise him about it … so it should be ☺


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