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11.04.2017 12:07

They say that statistics is a plain mathematics but it is not so! And we did not change anything. You can see with what man, when and for how long you chatted with a man. During all the time of your activity on the site and a certain period of time or day as well about each man or a whole list. It is all shown in tables. But..

What to do if you had a nice dialogue with a man but you did not record his id or link. Or you would like to renew a communication with a certain man but you remember only a name. It is easy!

Three clicks:

  1. Open a section “Statistics”;
  2. Type a man’s name;
  3. A button “Search”.
As a result, you will see detailed information about the communication with your admirers or a list of men, names of what resemble on those you texted. Easy? We hope – yes. In addition. In the lower part of the table, you will see a total summary. If you revise a list off man , you will see:
  1. How many men are in the list.
  2. A total number of chats with all men
  3. Total duration of chatting in minutes
If you revise detailed information about a man than you will see:
  1. How many chats with this man were
  2. What is the total duration of chats
Have a nice chat! Sincerely, the ChatOS team!

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