04.08.2021 13:48

Dear Friends! Great news!!!

There is release of multi-account extension for mails on

Once you download the extension to your working browser, you can send mails from any number of profiles.


Make sure that the version of your extension is not older than

If the extension has not been updated automatically in your browser yet, delete the old version and install the multi-account mails from here.

If you are a user of the Multi-account extension for chats, and all your profiles are there, then they will be added to the new extension for mails automatically.

If you previously worked with ChatOS mails, then your history of sending by the profile will also be pulled into the new extension.

Blacklist and Fans for each profile are automatically synchronized with the extension for chats. You are protected from sending mails to irrelevant men.

You can launch the extension for mails and carry out the sending process right from the chat page

If you have never used the ChatOS mail extension before, and have now decided to launch it, then all you need to start using is to install the extension in the browser, add the necessary profiles to the Ladies section and start sending.
Traditionally, the first three days for beginners are free.

For any questions about working with ChatOS, please, write to us

Have productive work with ChatOS!

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