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04.04.2018 13:51

Letters from clients of a dating agency are one of the main ways to attract the attention of a man.

Creating a letter is not an easy process. There is a big competition on the dating sites, every lady is trying to “snatch” a man. You need to write a letter in the way that you hook on a man and provoke him to respond and, in the future, to a long correspondence.

But how to write unique letter for every man? Is it possible for 1 person to create unique letters for 1000 men? How to make sure that the same letters do not reach the same man?

There is a solution!

Imagine the situation: the system automatically finds suitable men for the letter you prepared earlier. Thus the man will not receive 2 identical letters from one or from several ladies. It is convenient, isn`t it? And the most important is a huge saving of your precious time. All you need is a database of prepared letters.

An innovation from ChatOS

Get the opportunity to create a base of quality letters and use it automatically for all your agency.

Smart letters are a single database of letters for all ladies, moderated by the agency administrators with the possibility to control sending every letter for every lady and every man separately.

Search, selection, expansion of the database, uniqueness, antispam and much more are combined in the one functional.

How are the letters created?

  1. The authors of the letters are the best translators and administrators. We exclude compulsory education, new employees must study gradually.
  2. High quality of letters. Letters are created by experienced employees. A new batch of letters is formed gradually and in a personal account, but not in the extension on the computer of a lady (translator).
  3. You need less letters. The entire database of letters is in one place and works for all the ladies of the agency.
  4. Quality of received letters. We create letters taking into account the criteria of male recipients and make every letter unique.
  5. No need for control. Letters are created by elected employees.

How it works?

Smart letters work in several stages and always are thoroughly tested.

  1. Men Search Criteria. The lady indicates the search criteria for men determined according to site abilities pointing the first audience of men. A lady can specify a set of criteria or none – at her discretion.
  2. Selection of men. At this stage – the system will open a profile of each individual man and check all his data compare it to what the lady indicated, and only if it is suitable, will leave it for the third stage. At the stage of the first and second steps, the system also checks whether the man is on the black list, if there was any correspondence with him, and whether we sent him a letter within a week to exclude spam.
  3. Analysis. At this step the system should analyze in detail the man and existing letters. It is necessary to choose the letter that most suits the given man, and also to exclude the possibility of sending the same letter from two different ladies or resending from the same lady. To do this, the system will use all the database of the agency’s letters and those letters that can be used on this site.
  4. The convenience of use. The tool is as simple as possible, and the ladies and translators do not need to spend a lot of time for training.

That’s all! Almost all:)

Download the “Smart Mail” extension for the site PRIME.DATE

Learn how to use the “Smart Mail” extension here.

If you need more information about the “Smart letters” tool and its use on dating sites, write us on Skype – chatoptimizer.com or follow the news on our website. Have an easy and effective search. Sincerely, the ChatOS team!

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