11.04.2017 23:20

It seems like “List of ladies’ accounts” should be on this page and nothing more but it is not so!

  1. You can look through a list of all your profiles. All profiles of agency that were given accordingly to the level of access.
  2. Adding or editing of your profile data. In this case, a profile is a usage of extension of certain type for a certain profile. That is why, there can be several records about the same girl in the list if a profile uses different extensions .
  3. Information about the last activity of your profiles – when and for how long a lady was online. Also due to what type of tariff money were deducted from your account.
  4. How many days the extensions were used with a lady.

The access to information about a profile activity:

Thus, only few seconds are needed to look through a list of profiles what you have, their last activity and to make a decision about further activity due to them.


All accounts that use the extension have automatic free 3-days access. But, you have to add a profile to your account for it to be inside.

There is the way how to add:

1. Menu “Agency” -> “Ladies”

2. You will see a list of ladies page. Click “Add a Lady”.

3. Enter the lady’s details – her ID, name and select the site where the lady is registered

4. Comment, description and note are optional fields. If you write down information about a lady here, it will be available for you in your personal account, as well as for ladies (or their translators) in extensions for chats and letters (if the profile works on PrimeDate, Svadba, Find-Bride, Dream-Singles, Dating. com, Globalcompanions sites)


The accounts editing is similar with a process of adding. The list of obligatory settings is the same. You can use lady’s account editing in case of making errors while adding and you wish to correct it.

The usage of extension

As a conclusion, you are offered a special blocking tool of lady’s account extension usage, the button:   – deactivates lady’s account, the button   – actives it again.

If lady’s account is deactivated,then the extension cannot be used by it . Thus, one click on and you can make yourself safe from any costs or limit an access to a system inside profiles.

Have a nice work.

Sincerely, the team ChatOS!

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