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11.04.2017 14:28

One and the same, one and the same…why to do again the same?

 why to do again the same? One click and you will get an answer. Is it interesting?

Two minutes and everything is ready.

It is quiteoften happens that you have to text to men one and the same. An answer on a question, an invitation to a chat, a question to a man, etc. The system ChatOS offers a tool “Drafts” that will simplify this process. So, let’s note down 2 minutes.
  1. Enter section “Drafts”;
  2. Type a text of draft – an answer, a question, an invitation, whatever you think is right. Did you text?
  3. Press the button “Add a new message”
  4. Repeat these steps 2 and 3 till the list will be formed. Is everything ready?
  5. The button “Save”.
Everything is ready. Now the list of drafts is available if pointing an icon:

Just simply click on a text of message what you want to send and it will be sent. The drafts are available in three places:
  1. The list of men who sent you a message – a window “Incoming messages”;
  2. The list of your admirers;
  3. The pop-up window with a text of the last incoming message (now only Svadba.com).
Is it practically? We are sure that yes! Have a nice chat! Sincerely, the ChatOS team

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