07.04.2017 11:37

We protect you and men

The first mail it is good, but if it is the first one. How not to resend a mail to man? How to remember whom did you send mail to? And with whom did you start communication or hasitbeen already started for some time? And how not to send a mail to a man?
Again – it is very easy.

The three mechanisms are embedded into the system ChatOS, they will help you with this question:
    1. Ban a repeated sending of mails – a line “Send repeatedly via”. With a help of this line, you can specify duration of time to ignore a man in case of sending mails and it will not send him a letter. You can prevent sending of first letter to a man one more time for several days or even forever.
    2. The ban of mails sending to fans is automatic. ChatOS will exclude your fans from the list of  your first letters sending. You can turn off this function in the settings, in the section “fans” but we strongly recommend leaving it not to break an idyll of your communication with men.
    3. The global blacklist is a tool with a help of which you can exclude men from the sending list and the system will always ignore them (the full text of article)
All these tools work automatically and if needed you can influence them. As a default, for five days the system will not be resending letters to men, add all men to fans from whom you have more than one incoming letter, and also thanks to the technology “Total blacklist” all unwanted interlocutors, due to decision of your administrators or “colleagues” will be excluded.
Hence, you have to do nothing; the system will do it for you. Have a nice chat! Sincerely, the ChatOS team

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