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MiniChat is an additional tool in the Multi-Account extension for chats, which allows you to conduct any number of chats for any number of profiles comfortably in one tab.

For more details about the possibilities of Mini Chat and how it helps in the process of communication and attracting the attention of precious men please read here – find out by clicking on the corresponding site (MiniChat on Svadba and Globalcompanions; MiniChat on Dating, MiniChat on Charmdate; MiniChat on Victoriyaclub).


Launch the Multi-account extension for chats, check the box next to “Use ChatOS Mini Chat”

So, the Mini Chat tool is available for all your profiles from the Ladies list in the chat extension.


– For profiles who have not used Mini Chat on the current day

Even if the checkbox is turned on, Mini Chat will remain free for the profile, if you have not opened the Mini Chat window for the lady in the current day.

For example, you have 10 profiles in your extension. During the day you launched the extension for chats for all 10 ladits. But the MiniChat window was opened only for 6 of them. Therefore, the tariff for Mini Chat will be charged only for these 6 profiles. The rest of the ladies are in free mode.

– For new profiles in the ChatOS system

As a gift for acquaintance, each new profile that has not used the ChatOS extension for chats before receives 2 weeks of free using of Mini Chat

After 2 weeks, the ChatOS system will inform the Operator about the possibility to continue using Mini Chat in a paid mode.


Payment for the use of MiniChat starts after the ending of the free MiniChat mode for lady’s account. Debiting funds occurs at the moment of the first opening of the Mini Chat window by the lady on the current day.

Funds are debited from the balance of your personal account.


Mini Chat is available in two versions:

– Basic version. There is a version with the ability to chat, send, stickers, emoji, attach a photo, use auto-translation

– Smart version. It means that in addition to all the features of the standard version, you also have access to the tool for adding men to fans, a black list, creating notes, comments, sending a letter; understand when a man is viewing a lady’s profile; quickly view info from a man’s profile; complain; view the history of previous chats …

The tariff for the Basic version of Mini Chat is $ 0.02 / 1 profile / 1 day of use

Tariff of the Smart version of Mini Chat – $ 0.03 / 1 profile / 1 day of use


On the main page of the extension for chats in the “Minichat Settings” section, check the box next to “Enable Smart Minichat Version” and click save (if you want the advanced version only for a specific lady) or Save for all (to get advanced functionality for all your profiles in the Ladies section )

For any help, contact the ChatOS technical support specialists via online chat on the website or Telegram messenger.

Enjoy easy communication with ChatOS Mini Chat!

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