11.08.2021 13:43

Great news for everyone who are on the CharmDate website:

New extension Multi-account for mails

New convenient working format

Nice new tariff

So, we are happy to present a unique extension – “Multi-account 2in1”

1. Multi-account for emails means that you will send Admirer mails from any number of profiles in one tab.

Moreover, the Multi-account for chats and mails will work for you on one page, and all the information on profiles and the progress of sending is for your attention.

By installing one extension in the browser, both extensions become available to you (chats and mails)

New  Multi-account 2in1 extension (chats and mails) is available in the 3.0.4 version and newer. Check your version of the chat extension and update if needed.

If you have previously used the ChatOS mail extension, simply remove the old one from your browser.

The link to download the new extension “MULTIACCOUNT 2in1 CHATS AND MAILS” is here

Instructions for using the extension for letters Multiaccount here

2. The main one is the extension for chats.

It means that only after launching the extension for chats on the profile, extension for mails will be available to launch.

So, you can use only the extension for chats on the profile, or both extensions: for chats and for mails

Activation of the extensions you need for all or some of the profiles is at your request.

All your profiles from the Multi-account chats extension are pulled up in the Multi-account mails extension automatically. There is no need to add profiles manually.

3. And there is one more great news. It is about tariffs.

From 00:00 (Kyiv time) on August 12, 2021, for the Multi-account mails extension on CharmDate, a fixed rate will come into effect – $ 0.07 / 1 profile / 1 day of actual use.

So, new convenient and effective functionality will be more affordable.

For small agencies, the tariff will be lower than when using the old version of the extension for mails .

Also there is a joy for large agencies, who were previously upset by flexible tariffing, when after the agency’s day off the tariff increased to $ 0.10)

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