What if the extension does not open or the download process does not end

20.03.2020 09:34

Firstly, make sure that you are on the right site page for extension

Let’s remind! The extension for chats works only on the chat page, and the extensions for mails are on any page of a dating site.

If everything is correct, but

you see this (inactive extension icon in grey color)


or this (a notification that gives the understanding that something is wrong)


or this  (loading…loading…loading…)

It can happen if the chat page is not loaded fully or if you installed the extension, but the dating site (chat) page was open at that time.

Accordingly, in 99% this is not a problem at all, and it’s in your power to turn everything on quickly.

Just refresh (reload) the chat page (if it’s an extension for chats) or another site’s page (if we talk about using extensions for mails), then click again on the extension icon – it will lau nch quickly.

Have a nice work! 💚

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