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Additionally, for data analysis about an activity within a company, we offer you a tool “Financial achievement” graphics:
4 types of graphics are offered:
  1. A total turnover of agency;
  2. An agency’s turnover per day;
  3. A total turnover about accounts;
  4. A turnover about accounts per day.

The total agency’s turnover

Two curves are drawn on a graphic:
  1. A total agency’s turnover
  2. A number of active accounts
You can see a tendency of saving of turnover means about an agency taking into account a number of your online profiles during a day. A tendency of company development, how an activity of profiles influence a company’s development, how many leading accounts are, what have a great impact etc. All it you can see to put together two curves.

A turnover of agency per day


The two curves are applied on the graphic:
  1. A turnover per day.
  2. An average turnover of account per day.
You can see a tendency of changes of turnover means about an agency day by day and also you can see turnover means divided among accounts to see how much accounts are active.

The total turnover of accounts


An account’s achievements can be analysed or a comparison between several accounts can be conducted with a help of this graphic. To do it, choose several accounts in a drop-down list above. The graphic demonstrates a tendency of change of turnover means indicator about an account for a specified period during a day.

Общий оборот по аккаунтам


With a help of this graphic you can track a tendency of turnover means changes about an account per day. Every day a curve will be changing and it will show a sum of sent activity. Also, you can compare activity of accounts between themselves for more visual analytics.
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