Casting of clients. Why not? How can I refuse?

27.08.2018 10:44

In “Interview with an expert” section – Elena Sosnovskaya. She is the head of MegaLove dating agency, certified business trainer, coach and an expert in online dating area. Question:The main part of requests from ladoes you get from the site and candidate selecting is at the stage when you see  online applications. How do you refuse ladies Answer: Many people are surprised that we have no office. We work online. Since managers and consultants live in different cities we are interviewing people by phone and skype. More often by phone. We have a brand. The brand is trusted one. People really trust us and are ready to register in online way. You will never have problems with having co-workers and new clients if you will be able to create a respectable online brand.

  • If a lady asks questions like “What is the percent from a profile” or something like that she gets a refusal because It’s a right signal to break the cooperation. If a lady asks questions like “How a meeting is happening and can I shopping, can I first fly to him ” we understand that she  first of all interested in financial aspect. We have not such kind of sponsor clients. She gets a refusal immediately.
  • What can cause a refusal? Having three or more children. In fact, It causes lack opportunity to get married. Having two children don’t cause  barriers.
  • The second thing is living  in DNR, LNR and Crimea regions. Ladies couldn’t easily go to  meetings if they are in uncontrolled by Ukraine area.
  • The next reason is if we understand that the type of a specific lady is not popular among men. Not slavic appearance, overweight,  not well-groomed skin and hair, not satisfied facial expression in her all photos, absence of smile and eventually slogan “He likes me for who I am”, Men want to meet positive, not depressing ladies.
Question: What is the best way to tell a woman that she is not the right person to have a second chance and point out her weaknesses ? Answer: For this case we have a formal letter what we send to clients to refuse them. We say “At the moment we can’t cooperate with you because of inner company reasons.  We never explain them what is wrong with them. We recommend them to turn to our colleagues. If a client is not our type we don’t consult her on “How to reduce weaknesses”.It’s not our task. Ladies has clearly realise what is their appearance like and understand if she wants to meet a millionaire then she has to be in keeping with him, go to gym, stylist, school of etiquette, learn minimum one foreign language and  be communicative and smiley. To yell at our client manager talking that we have no right to refuse her, while she sits at home, watches TV-shows and eats cakes. It’s just funny. Our agency it’s just one way to meet men for clients. It’s not a big deal  If a lady gets our refusal. She can get acquainted by herself. But if she wants to get our service she has to change herself.There is an information what kind of lady we need on our site. Sometime we delete from our database these clients which were working more then with a consultant but there is no result. In this case we write something like that “Men of your searching category were not responding to your profile”. Somebody says “Thank you. I’ve got it”. And somebody takes offence. Sometimes there can be quite a brutal reaction and our manager listens to a lot of negative. We don’t pay women and they come to us with genuine intentions to get married.We are highly trusted as well as highly result are expected. It’s a pity, but we can help no everybody and not always. It’s easy to work with a lady when agency pays her. She gots her percent and doesn’t asks questions at all. It’s an ideal scheme. And when you work with a live person she asks you thousands of  questions, shares all her feelings and worries.   I am 42 years old. Do you realise what I am talking about? No, I don’t realise what you are  talking about.  How? It’s already…Do you understand that I have no a chance. That’s it. Practically I have no any chance. I say: I don’t understand we have a client of  60 years old and she is super popular. She gives interviews to journalists, gives feedbacks about us and travels. Therefore, I don’t understand what a big deal with 42 years old. It’s you should work on your perception of world not me.   Here is  constant calling to our consultants: “I thought so…There is nothing really for me anymore… I am single, children are grown up, I was so relying on you..” We are constantly facing it. Since people are live and real.  The more live and real they are the bigger difficulties occurs. Anyway we like it. We have positive feedbacks as well and ten times more. To hire models and to pay them their salary it’s easiest. But for me it’s way to nowhere. These agencies will remain on the market that will give a real service and work with a client expectations. Matchmakers will remain on the market as well. It’s just my opinion. Client pays for service. If you call yourself a dating agency and a man  gets illusion, deception, just a picture he will be very upset and bitterly disappointed. This would occur a lot of negative feedbacks on the internet. If a client comes just for chatting then it’s doesn’t matter for him who he is chatting with. He will choose the most beautiful and young picture and will be chatting with her. But it is not our field of activity. And it’s a pity, that this branch was built in such way that real dating agency hardly survives in such circumstances.I wait for a site that its owner will realize what  client expectation is, work with a right target audience, have lofty values. There are just a few sites on the market at the time. They hard survive at the area that is devalued by negative men feedbacks. Honest sites and agencies have a similar problem. It’s low reputation of the branch. Can we fight it? I think yes if there is more such agencies as we are. For some reason, everybody thinks if you work with real clients and don’t spend 100 dollars on photo shoot you will earn nothing. But I can say for sure that honest working is beneficial. Working for a result you don’t pay scout manager you get 35-40 percent of registrations through street talk recommendations.You don’t spend money on marketing development. You create the product that people want and you do not need to spend money on advertising. In addition,  you bring together couples and you really have the content for YouTube channel, social media. And you get the best employees. I’m upset that these dating agencies that marry nobody call themselves dating ones. I wish they call themselves like “chatting agencies”, “agency of beautiful pictures”, “assistant agency for young students”. The market must be divided in order to increase people’s trust to dating agencies. I often communicate with business trainee, company owners and to explain them at the first acquaintance with them that we are  really a dating agency not just an illusive one takes really a lot of energy. Literally two days ago I met a very beautiful lady at a training . We drank tea on a coffee break, and she asked what I was doing. I said that I have a dating agency. And she said: “Aaaaah !!! This is you the one who  always writes me and suggests to find a man. I’ve got so tired of it! It’s just impossible! ” I had to answer in jest that it was me who wrote her all this time, hence her face seems so familiar to me. It is clear that after two days of communication she changed her mind, realizing that I’m not that kind of wild people who bother her in social networks. But It’s just a matter of respect. When you talk about the dating agency – the reaction is one: “Yeee! My girlfriend worked there … yes, yes, you also can work on the camera. ” So, such a VERY negative attitude to the market. Here is its reputation! 🙁 To be continue…  

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