(Globalcompanions) – RELEASE

30.10.2020 13:28

Dear Partners!

We are happy to delight Partners who were expecting extensions for the site (Globalcompanions)

There are two reasons for your joy.

We offer for using TWO new extensions at once

Extension for chatsdownload here

Instructions for chatshere

Extension for lettersdownload from here

Instructions for lettershere

The ChatOS developers implemented new unique sending algorithms in both extensions, thanks to which the delivery of your letters and messages will be out of competition.

Traditionally, for each lady, we have already provided you with the first 3 free days for each of the extensions.

If you cannot install the extension yourself, write to us. We will help you. Рlease message us via on-line chat on our site or send messages on WeChat: ID ChatOS_support

Launch new extensions and have great results!

Any questions?

Ask our specialists