How to convert online dating to meetings and relationships. Real chances of women “40+” age on international dating sites

29.10.2018 12:00

Let’s talk about the conversion of online dating to real meetings. How to create a long-term relationship from just a chatting messages? Actually, these are skills and talents of consultants on relationships. Very often the client could not so formulate her thoughts in the process of communication without the help of a consultant. All the marriages that we had, It’s the result of talented people work which were engaged in searching, selection, helped to set up communication, studied psychological aspect. Concerning the conversion it is necessary to realize that the man who registers on the dating site already has an internal readiness: either he will visit a lady in her country and whether he is on the site for a fun. If a man is serious he very quickly comes to the meeting, literally after 1-2 months of communication. Americans need more time. This is more relevant to the fact that we must understand that American culture and how it is arranged. Americans have a very short vacation – 2 weeks a year. These are people who work hardly and continuously.Therefore, not always his next vacation will allow him to come quickly. Unlike Europeans there’s no such thing like quickly jumped into an airplane and flew. And even if he is ready to fly, he can correspond for 7-8 months and then he will arrive and get to know each other closer. Europeans never wait so long. It takes 3 hours to fly)) Therefore, they come very quickly, even if it is for 2 days. Americans fly for 7 to 10 days. How to convert in a relationship? I always say that the best way is to be genuinely interested in a person. Do not talk about yourself, you have to talk about him. We live in an information attack world. It seems you have 5,000 friends on Facebook, and in fact there is nobody who is interested in you. And here they get a real sincere interest in themselves for minimal money. And so, there is this type of sites. You need to train the consultants. More often agencies doesn’t train their employees, they do not have a library of useful literature, video. Our consultants constantly exchange their experience with each other “Watch this video, read this book.” Our team has its own bloggers inside who write for the employees and our blog on the website for translators I talked a lot about how we select clients. Employees are selected even more carefully. It is important for us to employee a person with the right values that will accept our corporate culture. We never hire a person whatever he was if his values don’t satisfy us. Honesty in relationship, respect for each other, a positive attitude is Important to us. I want to quote from my favorite book “Delivering Happiness” by Tony Hsieh. Many company’s owners are convinced that the more an employee earns, the happier he is. Although most research in the field of personnel management shows: once the basic person needs are satisfied, the money go to the bottom of the list, giving the way to the importance of such intangible concepts as quality of relations with the owner and the opportunity of professional growth. When you hire a translator from another dating agency, it’s hard to adapt her to us, because she wants only top-ranked clients. For such a translator, the top profile is if there are the maximum photoshop, the maximum breast size, up to 30 years. We have other criteria. For us the top-woman is a woman of 45 years, in good shape, positive, stays in contact with us and intended to get married. I always remember that employees do not leave companies, they leave their bosses, so I try to pay maximum attention to my team. Are adult women popular on dating sites? Is it easy to find men for them, given the strong competition with the profiles of young ideal ladies who look like dolls. We just rely on our target audience. A man who communicated with a doll, will never in his life react to our client of 52 years old and with real photos, where are wrinkles. Our target men audience understands that women wake up without makeup. They don’t wear 10 cm heels at home, and a fifth-size boobs causes more discomforts in daily life than advantages. Our men know that there are wrinkles when you are 50 years old that people are not ideal and they do not always have a perfect teeth with forced smile. Therefore, those men who are looking for women like our clients, they do not react to “dolls” and even complain about them. Men say that “they spam me, they send pictures in short shorts and bathing suits, but I did not come here for this.” Therefore, there is a division between agencies. Why do we not compete? Because customers who communicate with models – they are not our customers.In contrast, our clients do not react to young ladies in a bikini at all. They realize: “What will I do with her next”. “Well, I’ll bring her – and what then? How my family will treat her, and so on”. Our men characteristics are that they really think, plan, come, read information about the bride’s visa, watch videos about the Ukrainian mentality, read books on marriage with a Slavic lady. It’s written in my book for men “Ukrainian wife search”. If a woman is from a big city, but a man is from a small city, he has to understand how she will adapt in his world. A lady from Kiev can come to him in a small town, her US visa is open during 10 years, but he has realize that this is all over. Men have to know why they come to dating sites. If for serious acquaintances then dolls-pictures are not for them. Life and everyday life – this is not a fake and photoshop, it is a serious choice – with whom you will wake up every morning. Therefore, if the client is stupid, uneducated or just came to chat, he, most often, does not get to us. He passes by. 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