PrimeDate Multi-Account Updates

16.11.2020 20:55

Dear Friends!

We are glad to share with you updates in the extension for chats “Multi-Account”, with which you can work with any number of profiles in one browser.


The last couple of weeks have been very productive, and there are new useful things in the Multi-Account extension:

Adaptation of “Multi-account” to the last updates of the PrimeDate website

Optimization when launching the extension

Ability to auto-add men from the All dialogs list to fans

Notifications about incoming chats with first photo or sticker

Auto-adding a man to the fans after successfully sending him an auto-reply to like / wink

Optimization of notifications about the start of chats for ladies

An algorithm which solves the problem of passing two-factor authorization and the system of confirmation codes on the site

Financial statistics on PrimeDate in ChatOS personal accounts, financial report of the agency

. Fin. statistics in extensions for profiles

Lady’s Online on the site

Data on the activity of men

Restart sending 


From December 1, 2020

Extension for chats “Multi-account”

The cost of using the “Multi-account” extension for chats will be $ 0.15 / 1 lady’s profile / 1 day of launch of the extension

Financial statistics

▫️ Fin. statistics for managers in ChatOS personal accounts and for ladies and employees in extensions, control of profiles online are a free function for all profiles who use ChatOS extensions for PrimeDate

▫️ If the profile does not use the ChatOS extension, then the fin. statistics in personal accounts will cost $ 0.05 for 1 lady / 1 day (payment is deducted from the balance of the ChatOS personal account according to the lady, if the income on the lady on the PrimeDate website is more than zero)


Download the new “Multi-Account” extension here.

Instructions for use – see here

If you still have questions or need help, feel free to write to us in the support chat directly on the PrimeDate website or Telegram @chatos_chatos

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Productive work for you, dear Partners!

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