22.06.2021 14:09

Autopilot FYS is an additional tool in the Multi-Account extension for chats, which allows you to launch and keep the Find Your Soulmate website service for profile using invitations from the ChatOS Autopilot database.

The use of the FYS Autopilot is optional.

Learn more about the capabilities of the FYS Autopilot and how it helps in attracting men’s attention – read here 


Launch the extension for chats, open the main page of the extension for the lady you need. Check the boxes next to “Turn on Autopilot to Find Your Soulmate” and next to “Launch and support Find Your Soulmate in work”

and click Save options.

After that, the FYS Autopilot functionality is considered active for the lady. It will remain active until the user unchecks the checkboxes described above and saves the new settings without using the FYS Autopilot on the profile.


– For profiles who have not used FYS Autopilot on the current day

For example, you have 10 profiles in your extension. During the day you launched the extension for chats for all 10 ladits. But the FYS Autopilot was active only for 6 of them. Therefore, the tariff for FYS Autopilot will be charged only for these 6 profiles. The rest of the ladies are in free mode.

– For new profiles in the ChatOS system

As a gift for acquaintance, each new profile that has not used the ChatOS extension for chats before receives 7 days of free using of Mini Chat

After 7 days of use, the ChatOS system will inform the Operator about the possibility to continue using FYS Autopilot in a paid mode.


Payment for the use of FYS Autopilot starts after the ending of the free FYS Autopilot mode for lady’s account. 

Funds are debited at the moment the Find Your Soulmate sending process is started with Autopilot (this may be upon activation of the FYS Autopilot or at the time of the first launch of the extension on the current day, if you set up settings for automatic launch and sending of FYS with Autopilot before)

Funds are debited from the balance of your personal account.


The tariff for using the FYS Autopilot is $ 0.01 /  1 profile / 1 day of FYS Autopilot using according to the profile

For any help, contact the ChatOS technical support specialists via online chat on the website or Telegram messenger.

Enjoy easy communication with ChatOS Mini Chat!

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