CharmDate – sending photos and videos in Minichat

08.07.2021 17:35

Dear partners!

Add some media content to your chatting skills

This new opportunity is available for you in Minichat.

You can send photos and videos from any profiles, being in one tab and without opening separate ladies pages.


By opening Minichat or Smart Minichat in Multi-account extension for chats on CharmDate and clicking on the “Attach” icon, you will see the corresponding new sections – “Photos” and “Video”

You can see there all media files by the profile, pre-loaded on the site.



Click on the desired section + click on the desired photo (or video) and it will be sent in an active chat with a man.

So, affective work in one tab for all profiles is provided to you with the updated Minichat ChatOS

Minichat is activated here

Useful links

Download the extension for chats Multi-account on CharmDate with Minichat here

What is Minichat – see here

How Minichat is activated – info here

If you have any questions or ideas, please write to us.

ChatOS technical support specialists will be happy to communicate and advise you.

Easy work to you with ChatOS!

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