The extension for chats of SVADBA.COM

12.04.2017 16:03

Download the extension for chats of SVADBA.COM

This extension is created to simplify a search process of interlocutors on the chats extension you can easily and quickly set mailing while the system will be automatically searching for you men.

The tool for search of interlocutors will enable a mailing in: “Online”, “Contacts”, “VIP”, “Admires”, “Only with photos”. You can also despatch:

  1. One manually texted message by you.
  2. All messages from History.
  3. Chosen by you messages from history.
  4. Messages with responses.

You can also set an age ranges of men. If you paste a code (name) then the system will automaticallyinsert a man’s name in a message.

The tool “Automatic response” is an instrument where you can find a list of messages what will be automatically send if a man did not receive a reply from you within 30 seconds. Separate message with a semicolon (;).

The “blacklist” is a universal tool for all extensions of the ChatOS system. With a help of this instrument you can exclude men out of your social network and you can leave a comment to remember why you did so. The global black list enables to inform your entire agency about this certain man.

With a help of “Statistics” you can see with whom and when you chatted and also see the duration of chats.

“Drafts” are prepared by you phrases in advance that will help you to save time. To send a message of this section you need only to make one click on.

You can add a man to “admires” if you want to continue chatting with him. You can add a man to this section manually by clicking on his profile picture or automatically (if you indicate criteria of search).

The text of invitation for a mail-out of site “Find Your Soulmate”is unchangeable.

Two extra invitations will be automatically sent to those men who will be reviewing your profiles. Invitations will be sent with a delay of 15 sec after a man will visit your profile. You can use [a name] for an insertion of man’s name in an invitation.

Add a new invitation:
Type a text of invitation and press a green button in the right to add it to the list of invitations.
The list of mail-out messages:
№ Message text sent/replies
You can see a text of message sent by you, a number of sent messages and replies and a date of last mailing in the tab “History”.
We are glad to inform you that now it is the possible to text manually and delete messages in this section.
– The preparation of a desktop
You can administer the page with a help of this formula:
Arrange windows as you want by clicking on the square

Translators mostly work with several profiles or sites simultaneously. And it is not convenient to switch between browsers and it takes much time but with a help of tool “Preparation of a desktop” you can set that type you want. Thus, you will see all the windows together and your computer will work faster.

We hope you will like this updating.

Have a nice chat!
The ChatOS team.

Download the extension for chats of SVADBA.COM

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