When communication with mails is the main direction. How it works.

10.09.2018 12:00

Our expert – Ksenia Droben, director of the international dating agency “Ksenia Droben Partnervermittlung” Germany. She is the author of the articles, professional blogger, the author of the self-taught book “How to marry a foreigner”, the author and coach of the “School of Brides” course and various training seminars for foreign men. The question: Ksenia, we will be grateful to you if you share some information about working with letters. Unfortunately, communication by letters on international dating sites is not a very popular option. Ladies and their translators find it difficult to create qualitative letters. And as a result, lack of feedback and income in an agency. We would like to talk about the experience of successful agencies in this interview. We hope this will be useful for your colleagues. Ksenia: Of course. But first, it is important to understand what is meant by a “successful agency”. Here the question: success is measured in money or in an opportunity to promote a certain profile?? There is no category of 18-20 years old ladies who go on date to get gifts and spend some time in restaurants. No! My ladies are more mature and they are going to get married. Therefore, our success lies in the fact that we help these profiles to get married. That is, the success is that by using ordinary profile to create something real at the expense of words and the correct presentation of material. Therefore, success is difficult to measure. We precisely create each profile very carefully. This is my specificity. Therefore, my translators work for a long time. I do not have 18-year-old girls. My last hired translator came 3 years ago. My translators have experience from 3 to 15 years. My staff is working. My employees lead 50-60 profiles. Therefore, we have a high optimization in the processing of letters, it’s because we were able to organize that a translator can lead 30, 40, 50 profiles. And if there appeared a beautiful woman, the translator will not refuse to assist her. This is our success. And if we talk about adult women. If I work with an adult women then I apply absolutely different tests. If a young lady will talk about shopping, about “I want to open the world”, then from an mature woman are expected more philosophical requests. And the second point, I feel it’s a great my merit when I trained my staff that they built such relationships with their female clients, that they can discuss letters by phone. And we try, as far as possible, to send letters from woman but not from a translator. It’s pretty obvious, when a translator is 18 years old, and the lady is 40. Therefore, we make sure that the text corresponds to the age of the client. Someone active and athletic needs movements and adventures and someone lives quiet normal life having a garden, children and she does not need anything else… and the important thing is to pass the letter mood. Translators should understand what they are doing and why they do it. An important factor is not only teaching her to write letters, but also creating an atmosphere that makes the job a second family. If there are not such things in the agency, then the best translators will get worse. I had such thing with couple of very good translators. They were super ones. They wrote letters that made tears on eyes. So, one of them married and went to Sweden, another one also went to Portugal giving birth to a child.They continued to work, they contacted by letters as earlier. That is, kept in touch with brides online. But they just got worse, I lost two good translators. I think that agency’s translators have to spend most of them working time at office. Otherwise, let’s think you have to generate some romantic atmosphere wearing bathrobe at home. Letters again and again…and then happens the moment of getting worse. Here, by the way, is a the 7 year period. After having worked 7 year it happens the crush down but some time after the translators break it through. But some of them are falling down too long and it’s very difficult to put them up… And when you are at office and get some letter you don’t know what the answer has to be send then there starts collective brainstorm. And even if a bride wrote something wrong the collective opinion says “lets do something this way or another way”. And it turns out that every time there is energetic thing “Between”. I have the unique place where, actually, translators can work being at home but they come to office taking their computers and wishing to work with team Question: As far as I understand in your agency communication by letters is more common than by chats? Ksenia: Так было изначально. Это был Санкт Петербург. Там никто не сидел в чатах. МыInitially that was this way. It was St. Petersburg. There no one used chats. Way back when we failed on it and even tried to fix the mistake a lot of times. No. Taking into account the city specific, age of our woman who has a child, job, family responsibilities, gardens on weekend has at night (as is recommended) spend 3-4 hours for someone to talk with. No. I would not spend the time like that as well as brides do. St. Petersburg takes many innovations very conservatively. Our ladies talk by chats but only if there is already someone specific to talk with Question: Do ladies or translators want to communicate using letters? Ksenia: Our main work is at the initial stage. When the client comes, we do not ask a question. We just explain that dating specifics are such that a man will come or invite you only after correspondence. First she answers some basic questions. This is a basic information that we need in order to get started. Translators already know from experience what questions has to be asked at the beginning. Then the active work with the lady is hold. The translators tell her about all men who wrote her. Translators communicate with the ladies mainly by email, but also in messagers. We do not bother the bride: «Look, there John wrote to you, reply it yourself». We resend her questions: John asked this and that… The lady gives her answer: calls or sends an audio message.And then, the translator’s task is to polish it. The bride gave information. And of course, when the bride gave a certain answer to some popular occurring question, then we preserve these answers and next time we will not be asking the same thing. The translator will tell the lady «Remember, we already answered this question to John? Don’t you mind if your answer goes to another man». And, as a rule, ladies say: Of course”.Because our ladies want to get married. Not shopping, restaurants …, but to get married! There are ladies who write huge poems, there are ladies whom a translator helps to compose letters on the basis of her some templates and then send. Differently… To be continued…

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