Why is there no sound with incoming messages at the beginning of the chat?

20.03.2020 10:13

Do you always hear “New message” at the beginning of the chat?

ChatOS extensions always inform about the beginning of a new chat not only visually (by a pop-up notification in the lower right corner of your screen), but also with a “New message” sound notification. And if you don’t hear it, then there is the article for you how to start hearing 🙂

The reason for working without a “New message” is most often the default disabled notifications in browsers, and you may not even be aware of it. And therefore here is the instruction

But first, one picture for those who work on the Prime.Date website. Make sure you have the “Turn on ChatOS notifications” checkmark checked

If you work on another site, you can skip it.

If this is also all right, then here are the recommendations

How to enable notifications in the browser?

Notifications should be enabled in the site settings. In order to open the site settings in the Google Chrome browser, you should click on “Site Information” – “Site Settings”:

Next, you need to make sure that notifications and sound are allowed for the site (for these parameters, the “Allow” function has to be selected):

Site settings in Opera browser:

Site settings in Yandex Browser:

Also, we recommend to make sure that notifications are enabled in the operating system settings.

Windows 7:

Windows 10:

Mac OS:

That is all! If you have disabled one of the above, and you fixed it, now you can enjoy the “New message” sound notification.

Well, if you have questions or need help, ChatOS technical support specialists are in touch for you:

Telegram @chatos_chatos

Skype: chatoptimizer.com

We wish you a lot of “New message”! 💚

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