About meetings preparation and conduction. How to organize the meeting which will satisfy client expectations and adds + to the agency’s image.

10.12.2018 12:00

Our expert is Elena Sosnovskaya, MegaLove dating agency, CEO, certified business trainer, coach, expert in online dating.


Please tell us about the meetings. How do your clients meet men?


There are many meetings, and each one is a new individual experience. We are monitoring the service and the quality of our translator’s work. A translator should look and work according to instructions not overshadowing the client, but be as friendly as possible. After each meeting we get a man’s feedback, how much he was pleased or what we should improve.

Our lady does not receive from a meeting money or shopping. A man can give her a gift, lunch in a restaurant, go to bowling.

We also prepare clients for the meeting. It must be understood that a lady can not be sent on a date without consulting, for her it is also as exciting as for a man. For ladies, we post videos on youtube channel explaining how to behave with foreigners on the first date.

Our team has a general orientation to meetings. Everyone realizes that we have gathered for a definite purpose. It’s to give the lady who trusts us result and help her to get married. It is very important to present photos and video from meetings to the team, in order to inspire other consultants and show them that good men are actively coming


Preparing process and holding meetings at your agency.


We can not prepare a man for the meeting. It’s a mission of the matchmaker. Since we are a dating agency we get his contacts then a relationship consultant contacts him and agrees on where the meeting will take place. We do not have the right to train and prepare men before the meeting, this is not part of our competence and agreements with the dating platforms. And it’s a pity.

Hence, there are some rules.

? We do not allow meeting in expensive restaurants.The bill in the restaurant should not be more than 80-100 dollars for lunch. This is even for the Kiev restaurants quite much money for first acquaintance. It’s normally if a meeting lasts 2-3 hours. It’s the right time to realize how interested they are in continuing the acquaintance.

? We have a big instruction for interpreters. He should not be brightly dressed, have strongly fragrant perfume, he must have a neat manicure, neat look. I mean not in torn jeans. There are requirements for appearance. An interpreter at the meeting can not be too young lady she should also know the client in person.

? We prepare the client for the meeting recommending her to read the facts about man’s place of residence, about his country, culture, and buy him a small inexpensive gift. We recommend to wear little heeled shoes, because just to sit for 2 hours in a restaurant can be boring, suddenly there will be a desire to hold the meeting more actively

? Even if the lady did not like the man at the first meeting, we recommend to meet him again. A man may be tired after the flight, or be worrying. Our experience shows that the second meeting is much more convenience and lasts better. We try to hire active interpreters who can show the city and some of them with their own car. We do not earn extra on apartments, taxis, hotels, restaurants. This is not our business model, we are not interested in things like that.

? Also we do not allow shopping. If a man brings gifts we don’t mind, but our interpreter never takes part in shopping and does not assist shopping with customers on shopping malls. They may buy each other gifts if they want to but the agency representatives will not be there. A man is always warned that all costs are his choice and his responsibility.

? At the end of the meeting – we have a printed reporting form. Fortunately, CEO of many sites have already begun to demand it. In the form a man writes how pleased he is with the service, how much he is pleased with the meeting as a whole. He can write how much he paid to the interpreter and what was the bill in the restaurant. This form allows the owner to evaluate the quality of our employee’s work. Also the interpreter writes a report about his impressions about the meeting, the client’s feedback, how everything was. I like to read the reports because every time it’s a new story.

If a site organizer cares about its clients then the site administrator may call and ask if he is pleased and happy…But not every site does it and the site doesn’t control if the man is happy. And it is not very good. Because the agency are not controlled. The man is in a foreign country and can’t complain but will get a negative experience and will write a feedback about it. The site is risking when leaving the meetings uncontrolled.


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