About the legal side in working with a male client

01.04.2019 11:00

Our expert is Nataliya Koval. She is a professional International Matchmaker, Founder and Owner of the International Matchmaking Agency Marriage By Natali

Is there any verification of men to provide the information authenticity and completeness? How are your clients protected?


We ask the men for a passport copy, their address, if he has a business then the site link. We watch his site, information about him on Google, watch his house on Google maps, learn about his information in LinkedIn. There is IMBRA form for Americans as well. Everyone fills it. In general, foreigners are taught to tell the truth. For example, Arabian man comes to me, and I ask the first question:

– “Are you married now?”

He says:

– “Yes!”.

That’s it…There is no reason to talk more… The conversation is over. I do not work with such a man.

And if he has lied, it would be his lost, because he pays his money and a lot for the process of individual search for the bride. Therefore, in fact, it is unprofitable for him to go to the matchmaker, pay money for services, lie and get nothing as a result. Common sense wins here.

Taking into account total lack of trust to our country system people difficulte trust anyone in our country. It so happened that since 1990, for 28 years, we have been deceiving each other. And we can not believe that a foreigner does not deceive you. And they can not understand where is the place of deceiving in real life.True deceivers and scammers come across very rarely. With foreigners more important thing is a psychological issue: identifying an unbalanced person or tyrant in time. There are special psychological tests to do this and I definitely conduct them.

The IMBRA form is very helpful in the work. There were men who honestly said they had a criminal record. They explained why and I made the decision to work with some of them. And we even celebrated their weddings.

Recently, a man with a biography-thriller came to me: from 15 years drugs, alcoholism, promiscuous sex life, a prison …Then the man was rehabilitated and changed so that now he is engaged in a business in which he saves others from similar vices, saves the world from such sins as he had… He had gotten a PhD degree in psychology. One of his businesses is to train organizations how to receive grants from the state for the development of rehabilitation projects. Working with such a man the bride must necessarily be warned about his past. As the saying goes: “Every sinner has a future and every saint has a past”. It is important not only the man’s past, but who he is now and what his life is like. And most ladies understand this.

Bringing people together I learn a lot from them and often understand how strongly and wisely God affects our life.


Legal aspects of interaction with a man. Tell us about it. How can the agency avoid and prevent non-payment for agency services or claiming about poorly executed services?


It is necessary to have a highly professional lawyer who knows how to work with such issues. I have such a lawyer. Krivoshey Marina Borisovna. She creates all our contracts and describes parties responsibilities. But basically there are exceptional cases too. When I did not have a reliable lawyer I also had the cases of non-fulfillment of obligations under contracts. When the agency grows becoming stronger, more confident, then there must be a good lawyer. The lawyer has put the necessary paragraphs in our contract, that makes impossible to challenge the contract in court. I noticed that serious contracts are needed more to confirm the agency status, and if you have to prove your rightness in court, then it will be done by professionals.

Generally, I see how other matchmakers solve this issue: someone lets the situation go, but someone fights:

– “Well, I will publish an article that you did not pay me the money” and so on.

Sometimes I watch that a client can spoil the agency reputation more than the agency can spoil his reputation and he will do it amateurly. Unfortunately, people especially foreigners take the dating agencies and its business very negatively. Sometimes when I talk to strangers in Ukraine, I say that I’m a matchmaker, leading a marriage agency, and the person shies away as if from a fire. People consider matchmakers to be scammers because of websites business reputation due their activity with chats and correspondence, which is absolutely nothing for matchmakers.

Very often those who earn money instead of making couples call themselves dating agencies. Let rename them like a chat agency or something like that. This is my opinion, and the opinion of colleagues. It is benefit for everyone if the activity will be properly named.


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