The process of clients selection. Criteria, agency rules.

27.08.2018 12:00

Our expert is Elena Sosnovskaya, MegaLove dating agency, certified business trainer, coach, expert in online dating. ЕElena told us about her experience and the secrets of the dating agency success. She is sure, that success is two parts of the whole. They are creating happy couples and a qualitative business. Our question: Let’s say a woman decided to use the services of your agency. Could you tell what is a procedure of clients selection. What requirements should a lady meet?

Elena Sosnovskaya

  1. Most often we receive requests from our site There are clients who come on the recommendation of somebody and who found us on Google. And we actively write and publish on blogs and social media. Ladies trust us. First, after receiving a request we call attention to age. If a lady is younger than 28-30 then there is high probability that we will not be cooperate with her. Age of men on dating sites is from 45 to 70. So, ladies from 35 to 60 years old are perfect for us. The oldest our client is 64 years old and she is quite active and popular among men.

  2. Second, we analyse the photo that the lady uploaded when registering. Looking on the lady`s filled proforma we can see if she is really interested in. If the client, originally has no intention to register in dating agency and get dating service then it will be very difficult to cooperate with her. Clients who come to us for fun and have no idea why they came are not our target audience. We need loyal ladies who will be constantly in touch with our manager and are ready for the meetings and building family-like relations. Easy to work with person who is in mood for cooperation. Such kind of ladies get married very quickly.

    So, we analyse the quality of photo in application. There is a possibility to load till 5 photos on our site. It’s awesome If the lady loaded all fife good-quality photos. We can reject the lady’s application if she loaded photo with wearing glasses, unclear, unattractive photo. Why? Because the person, originally hasn’t made a minimum effort to present herself. During the years of work in dating we clearly know the personality of client that we need.We register not everyone. 8 out of 10 ladies get rejected. To be a client of Megalove is a great luck and our ladies know about it.

    Client personality is important and every agency has clearly understanding what is its target audience.For us these are ladies with serious intentions to get married, go abroad and change their life.We’d better have not a lot of clients but theses ladies are enjoyable to cooperate with. To get money in this business you can when having right working template. If you offer people a quality service then your company will be successful and make money. I should admit that all Company’s values are presented by its owner. Co-workers will work better if the dating agency owner understands why he founded the business.

    So, if a client tentatively meets our requirements then we check her email and phone on Google so we can find out if the lady gave any invalid ads, such us: escort and so on. We look for her social media pages and check her photos analyzing existence of any relationship. Such a little background check in order to understand who came to us. Google is an open source of information but anyway it’s gives some imagination what is the person like. Thanks God, scammers don’t come to us because we pay clients nothing for cooperation and don’t give money for presents. There are just no benefits for scammers to come here. If after checking everything is ok then our client manager contacts the lady.

    The business owner doesn’t work with clients in person. It’s not his task. If the owner wants to scale his business he works on strategy development. When agency directors proudly say “I know every my client!” I ask “How many clients do you have?” When they say “twenty”. Here is the answer. I’ve always think that this kind of directors will only have 20 clients if they just are going to sit and drink coffee with clients instead of developing their agencies strategically. But not everyone can have big projects. When there are 400 clients in the agency and at the same time everybody aware that human strengths are limited the director has to know how to spend his time and with whom. The owner doesn’t have to spend his time selecting clients, shooting photos, delivering gifts, retouching photos so on The owner has to develop administration, hire good managers, delegate operational tasks. Your business is in good condition if you employed good workers. So never save money in this way.

    What can cause a refusal? Having three or more children. In fact, It causes lack opportunity to get married. Having two children don’t cause barriers. The second thing is living in DNR, LNR and Crimea regions. Ladies couldn’t easily go to meetings if they are in uncontrolled by Ukraine area.

    The next reason is if we understand that the type of a specific lady is not popular among men. Not slavic appearance, overweight, not well-groomed skin and hair, not satisfied facial expression in her all photos, absence of smile and eventually slogan “He likes me for who I am”, Men want to meet positive, not depressing ladies.

  3. Next step is our client-manager contacts with the lady and offer her to fill out detailed profile. The more information we have about the lady at the stage of registration the faster we will make a final decision about collaboration with her.And, in addition, we make photo shoots not more than for 40% of ladies who came to us. Real photos are better accepted by men. Photo shoot can turn a client into just a beautiful picture without any individuality. There is a myth in dating agencies that a lady needs to do $100 photo shoot with a hairdresser and a visagiste.I know the case when a director of a dating agency didn’t want to let a lady go because she was very costly to agency. The lady would like to build relationship with the man after she organized meeting but she was not given the opportunity. We delete profile of a lady during 48 hours after her request. 

    Thus we don’t do expensive photo shoots. If we do a photo shoot then we minimally use photoshop or we take client’s own photos. These men who see her profile with real live photos eventually will come and send presents. If a man send messages only to photoshopped pictures, so this is a great method to earn money. I understand it perfectly. But it makes impossible to get our client married You need to know what is your client like. Our clients are not eternal chatters and senders of messages on sites but successful men which are ready to come and meet.

  4. We get filled lady’s profile. The lady provides the information to client manager and the next step is appointing her personal relationship consultant. We have the position just for couple of years in our agency. We really wanted to be different from others agencies which hire translators but with clients works client manager. Commonly, a translator can’t contact with clients in such agencies. We were not agree with it.

    So long time we thought how to be different on the market. We are not that classical type of today’s dating agencies. Unfortunately, our industry is turned on its head. Generally, there are agencies which call themselves dating agency but actually they are not this one. This is the reason why we added a prefix “really” a dating agency on our site. And we repositioned of “translator” to “relationship consulter” Since they feel like they are in another status quality of their work is much higher. Clients treat their consultants more respectfully and positively. Clients understand that the person has an experience and can change their life. Our work is modelled on win-win theory. Ladies understand that they get quality service. And employees enjoy their work and get considerable reward

They are constantly in touch with clients and are ready to assist them any time. It is a consultant work specifics. It’s Impossible that clients were left alone for a week, month or two month and nobody call him. It’s true, our work model is not easy but we know that it is the right way for service development. Working just using pictures and selling nothing is losers model and can’t last for a long time. I work in the field of activity more than 10 years and can watch the development of the area I appeal everyone to do a real resultative work, organise meetings and make mariages.

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