Extensions for emails

The unique tools for more effective communication,
saving of history, identification of admirers and also protection from a spam.

Basic Tools

Flexible despatch of letters

Set a group of recipients, a type of communication or speed of sending. Only few clicks on and your messages will be sent.

A global black list

Exclude a man from communication. The common Blacklist for chats and letters and also common for the entire agency.

The history of letters

You can see when and to whom you sent messages. And also if your letter was replied or not and how many times it was read.

The protection from spam

Limit sending duplicated letters to those you have previously sent. Send your letters only to new men.


Add men you wish to continue communication, leaving notes about him in comments.

Drawing attention

Attach photos, send emoticons that draw attention, they are available on the site.

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Как использовать расширение?


The workstation preparation

The ChatOS system offers a special tool for a transformation of your workstation into a maximum effective space for chatting or work. With a help of simple tools, during several seconds you will be able to open several browsers on your desktop when you will see all of them at the same time. Thus, you will see several profiles simultaneously (for translators who help girls) or several sites (for girls who search for their soul mate on different sites).


A search of interlocutors

With a help of an adjusting tool of search it is simple. You can send letters due to:
Mail-out due to search results;
mail-out due a hotlist;
a mail-out of emoticons (kisses);


The history of letters sending

What and to whom did you send? And were your message replied? These questions you can solve with a help of tool “History”. Just one click on and you can easily detect:

what message you sent; when;
how many times it was read;
how many times it was replied;


The protection from a spam

If a man does not want to reply or you have already chatted with him – there is no point to text him a first letter again. There are several simple mechanisms that will help you to get an answer. The limitation of repeated sending – you can specify the duration of time for not receiving letters from your mail-out, thus preventing him to get repeated requests.



Admirers are men interested in you. So, why are they still in your common list? An automatic, available to be set, identification of admirers from your mail box will enable to make a list of man for whom you are not indifferent and sections for comments will enable to save all the important information about a certain man. All your notes are always with you on a profile page, on a page of messages sending and inside the extension. And if a man stopped to text you, hail him using sending out for admirers and ban of resending letters. How to use this tool you can see on the video left or in the full text of article following the link below.


Global blacklist

You can see from its name that it is the only tool for excluding men from chatting due to your personal decision and the agency as well. The common tool that works as for chats as for letters will enable to exclude a man from all types of your communication. The synchronization inside the agency will enable to exchange information in this area and share opinions with others and “colleagues”. You can see from the video below how to use this tool or in the full text of article following the link also below.

Unique tools

Counting time online with camera

Saving chat conversations

Deep financial analytics

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