Price: Free of charge

The system ChatOs offers 3 free days for using all extensions of all sites. There is no difference between a paid and free system usage that is why you can test the ChatOS system in all ways during first three days. Girls will be able to estimate the extension and executive personnel of your company will see tools of accounts in its action.
The free days as paid ones are counted due to an extension usage. Thus, you can easily test the extensions during any period of time.








Price: 0.05$ - 0.1$

* depending on number of active extensions of a previous day

A number of active extensions Price / day
from 51 aextensions and more 0.05$
from 41 to 50 extensions 0.06$
from 31 to 40 extensions 0.07$
from 21 to 30 extensions 0.08$
from 6 to 20 extensions 0.09$
from 1 to 5 extensions 0.1$

The tariffication is very simple. The price is lower if you use more accounts. More you earn the less you pay that is an effective profitability. A tariff is automatically determined at midnight. The system checks a number of used extensions in your account during the previous day and sets the tariff for tomorrow. Means will be deducted from your account fromthe first launching of extension during a day. If you did not use the extension then means will not be deducted. Thus, you save money for days when girls do not use the site.
For example: if a number of active accounts is 55 pieces for today then a tariff for tomorrow will be 0.05$ for all accounts. If on the next day a number of accounts that use the extension is 15 piecesthen the tariffcation for a next day will be 0.09$.


Price: 0.03$

The calculation within the ChatOS system is in the USA dollars. The adding funds is in national currency for maximum simplification of the offered service. The conversion is automatic due to the rate of MasterCard company. The currency rate updates hourly and is shown up in the window in a personal account. As the experience has showed,MasterCard offers one of the most loyal currency rates.

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